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Our key managers represent an ideal combination of leadership and management experience. CLR's President and Vice President of Operations have over 40 years combined service in the USAF and over 70 years combined leadership and management experience including weapons systems program management for the USAF and various command and leadership positions, as well as managing support teams in the commercial environment. 

Their Air Force experience embodies various professional military education (PME) programs designed to develop management and leadership skills to satisfy Air Force needs. Examples include Squadron Officers' School, Air Command and Staff College, and National Defense University. 

These programs and the practical experience of an Air Force management and leadership career have provided our company with incomparable leadership and management. From this environment comes the ability to develop strong team relationships within the company and with other entities, relationships that blur company boundaries. Teams thus formed have the ability to respond to customer needs quickly and without interference. Resources are made available when and where needed. 

In support of the Commercial C-17 project as well as the SAF/AQ Strategic Plan, CLR personnel and associates examined the cycle times associated with various processes, looking for the non-value added work that could be streamlined or eliminated. The results were improvements in the SAF/AQ financial management processes as well as ways for transportation agencies to save significant expenses by modifying the way in which goods are moved. 

In support of the SAF/AQ Strategic Planning initiative, CLR personnel performed an extensive organization assessment. In order to determine what SAF/AQ needed to do to reach its strategic goals, we first determined its strategic posture. This involved interviewing of every Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force in the SAF/AQ organization and translating those interview results into the strategic focus SAF/AQ desired. The result was a complete organizational assessment of the SAF/AQ organization. 

The basic CLR management approach is to:
  • Identify the opportunity
  • Determine what needs to be done to satisfy the opportunity
  • Make the resources available
  • Assign resources to the opportunity

CLR is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business
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