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The CLR approach to research and case study development is simple and straightforward. More complicated models exist but their results get lost in the model and never produce the desired outcome. 

Our process is:
  • Identify the focus area for research and case study.
  • Determine the resources available for the research or case study.
  • Scope the effort to match the resources.
  • Develop a milestone schedule for the case study or research.
  • Gather the information needed.
  • Perform the research.
  • Document the results.
CLR associates conducted several case studies and market analyses supporting the Commercial C-17 project. These studies and analyses looked at major project industries (oil exploration, energy generation plants, construction equipment movement, humanitarian relief operations) in terms of the total supply chain to build a business case that showed a commercial entity could, in fact, receive a significant return on investment while at the same time, providing the Air Force with much needed airlift capacity for military contingency operations like the ongoing War on Terrorism. These analyses considered revenue generation, operating costs, financing options, Congressional language requirements, market conditions, and military operational needs. CLR associates brought a unique mix of experience and knowledge in accomplishing the case studies and market analyses. 

CLR's approach to market analysis includes the review of the following:
  • Market Forces
    Look at various influences that make a particular market what it is.
  • Market Players
    Identify and characterize the key players in a market.
  • Market Forecasts
    The vectors affecting each of the market forces are forecast.
  • Penetration Forecasts
    Market niches are identified and penetration forecasts made.

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